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Traffic Pi is the leading self-serve ad platform for marketing professionals.

Here at Traffic Pi we have a advertising platform for marketers who need tools that are easy enough to use, but powerful enough to produce real-world results.

Our services vary, but at the heart of all our advertising services is a passionate desire to make all advertising as an investment It’s about taking a tailored and creative approach to your unique requirements.

Join now and be part of a advertising platform for marketers that allows you to earn both traffic and cash. Get the results you deserve and take the chance to get free, guaranteed visitors to your websites!

How powerful is our platform?

Let's take a look...

Core Features
These are just some of the features that have made us the world’s leading self-serve ad platform.

Real-Time Statistics
No waiting hours or days for reporting. Watch your ad campaigns perform live, and optimize them in real time. Less delay means less wasted ad spend.

Tracker and Rotator
Members have access to a full suite of tools built for the Professional Internet Marketer, encased in an interface that makes it easy for even beginners to start tracking their results.

IntelliSplash is an advanced marketing system for your Affiliate Toolbox that ensures your affiliates are maximizing their advertising efforts when they promote your site. If an affiliate link or splash page is shown to someone who is already a member and has logged in at your exchange within a certain number of days, IntelliSplash can seamlessly redirect that person to an alternative advertisement.

Downline Builder
By categorising all your programs into tidy sections you make it much more inviting for your members to join programs within your downline builder.

Rewards while surfing!
We have Daily rewards for promoting Traffic Pi and we have the Venom game, VTG and the Temarathon badge hunt and Reward page while Surfing.

We also have Promotional contest and Referral Contest and Top 5 where you win daily for coming in the Top 5 surfers of the day!

We have Team surfing where you can win cash for your team! We have daily Face an opponent where you win Cash!

We have daily promo codes and surf codes where you surf so many pages and win cash! Also there is the Weekly Jackpot. We have daily login spotlight and start pages for you to get your adds seen all day see our sales page for info. We also have the Goose game, Sorcerer game.


We have so much more to come so feel free to join our free advertising platform at Traffic Pi!

Sign Up Bonus! $1, 100 Credits and 200 Banner and Text Impressions after you surf 100 pages

Up to %40 Commissions from your referrals!
Daily Promo Codes
Daily Surfer Rewards
Top Surfer Rewards
Dynamic Surf Ratios for all members



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